Our Promise

From Our Family to Your Family:

Farm Boy BBQ ‘s Promise:

Partnerships with companies whose farmers, ranchers, and families share our passion and our commitment to premium meats. Quality starts on the ranches: humanely and organically raised, with no hormones or antibiotics.


The family–owned ranches are located in Iowa, the heartland of America, an unassuming yet exceptional place that reflects the serenity of simplicity. It is a company that prides itself on being the authority on Premium Black Angus Beef that is raised, sourced, and crafted with unwavering integrity creating beautiful marbling and tender juicy flavor.


Quality starts at the ranch. It takes care, dedication and passion from the independent rancher and farmers who raise animals for the brand. Every step is taken with care to ensure the animals are kept healthy and happy. And all that hard work pays off with deliciously tender, well-marbled pork.

Bell & Evans®

Located in Fredericksburg, PA, it is the oldest branded chicken company in America, and family owned and operated for over a century. Its first roots were in 1894 and they have been innovating ever since from hatch to harvest. Today, the Sechler family is as passionate about high quality, humanely raised, natural food as when the company first started.